DRS Warehouse owns all licenses and the capacity to store all kinds of medicine.

Safe, monitored, and technological storage.

Real-time tracking, total temperature control and specialized team: Meet the DRS Warehouse.

All products are stored according to the temperature conditions

indicated by manufacturers and on validated areas with the ambient

monitored 24/7 through our digital monitoring platform,

with automatic actuation and remote alert.

We have a trained, qualified and experienced team, constant supervision of pharmacists

to offer to our clients high and logistics management quality, total traceability,

conference and handling, inventory, distribution, reverse logistics,

(re)labeling, kit’s assembly, supplying and assembling of validated packages, temperature

monitoring, management report issuance and management of incineration processes.

We are periodically audited by our clients and intern auditors, we are all time

concerned by the safety and excellence of the procedures performed, ensuring in this

way, the quality and meeting the needs of our customers.


Controlled temperature

Stored products under the temperature conditions indicated by the manufacturer and inside controlled ambient temperature:

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